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Live in the house of your dreams without having to move. Work in an inspiring office space.

No need to move to a new place, spend a fortune to live in the house of your dreams or loathe your office. We turn the spaces in your life into places you will love to hang out  and work in.


“Simply beautiful. Every detail was very well thought through and thought of.”

“Their design is breath taking. They turned my home into a paradise.”

“I never enjoyed so much arriving at home every night.”

Fall in love with your office and home

from a fresher new design perspective.

How much do you enjoy arriving at a 5-star hotel that has been carefully designed to make you envision a deluxe home?

How amazing would it be if you could  replicate the same feeling when you arrive at your home from a busy day?

What we do is add Deluxe Luxurious elements. 

You see, there aren’t “ugly” places. There are poorly designed places. And we take care of that for your spaces. We’ll make you feel as if you moved to the most expensive house of your dreams, without having to move by paying a fortune to do so.

How we implement design projects

Our process is designed to lift all the weight off your shoulders.

Set an appointment for space valuation estimate

Book a call with Deluxe Interiors Designers by clicking any of the buttons on this page. Answer a few questions about your space, office, and we’ll send you a detailed estimate.

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Meet your consultant

If you’re satisfied with the estimate, you may proceed now to book a call with an assigned consultant on our team to guide you through the design process, on your time table.


We’ll take care of everything from here. Usually our projects get finished from 4-6 weeks depending the complexity of the project.

Ready to fall in love with your home?

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Why you should pick D.I.D? 

~Deluxe Interior Designer ~

“I hired Interior Deluxe Interiors Designers to add charm and pizzaz to my outdated  home redesigned. I wasn’t expecting a lot to be honest, but this team knocked out of the park. This is the kind of place I’d love to live in for the rest of my life.”


Oregon, USA

“My husband and I travel a lot and feel that every time we got home, we were suitcase living as guests in our own home. We had no formal closet and storage space. No more, we’ve never felt so much like at home as we feel now.”

Kara & Nicholas

Kyambogo, Kampala

“So one friend of ours recommended Deluxe Interior Designers a while ago. I used to think my house was perfect as it was, until this guys showed me what they are capable of. Completely in love.”


Mpigi, Uganda

Are you ready to fall in love without having to work or live in an uninspiring dull space?

Get a free quote today.

Start to fall in love with arriving at your home every night. Feel proud of inviting people over, and start to feel that warm your house is supposed to give you. Get a completely free quote today, and start dreaming about having the house you've always wanted to have.

Changing the way interior design is done. Fall in love with your office and home, without having to move but have a fresh space designed for you.

Based in Kampala Uganda.


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(256) 783-639595

Kampala, Uganda.